Who’s Who at The Cheltenham Balloon Fiesta

We have some amazing people coming together at Cheltenham Racecourse on the 22nd and 23rd June 2019 for the Cheltenham Balloon Fiesta.

There will be a display of amazing hot air balloons with the famous night glow (Saturday only and weather permitting), as well as plenty of entertainment to suit everyone.

There are many events to enjoy during the Fiesta, that include a series of live performances, a funfair and stalls that offer something for everyone.

Come and have a wander around the local traders and discover something new! Here is a list of who will be attending (correct as of 9th April 2019).

Stalls for the Children

Magic Sands

Does your child have an artistic eye but is keen to try something a little more unique? Then the Magic Sands experience is perfect.

Children can create eye-catching pictures and make new friends on this unique take on art that originated in Germany

Fairy Fun

Let your child become their favourite superhero while the parents can treat themselves to a henna tattoo, or even some glitter tattoos.

As well as offering a vast selection of face paint and glitter tattoo options, Fairy Fun also has a large choice of pocket-money toys and glow products that can be used during the festival.

One Click Eventz

One Click Events are no strangers to a good festival, as they have been the driving force behind several private and corporate events.

Those looking to stand out during the Fiesta can be confident that regardless of whether they’re looking for face and body jewels, One Click Events is on hand.

Become Inspired: Several Stalls Selling Unique Items

Are you looking for something unique for around the home? Or maybe you’re looking for some jewellery that has a story to tell.

Regardless of your tastes, there will be several stalls available during the Cheltenham Balloon Fiesta that will offer something for everyone that has creative tastes.

Finishing Touches 9

Finishing Touches 9 is a small retail company that offers shabby chic gifts as well as eye-catching signs for markets and festivals.

Poody and Berty

Poody and Berty are two inspired artists that make crafts inspired by nature, with a unique twist. The duo offers a series of framed art featuring loveable dogs, as well as handcrafted wildlife that can’t be found anywhere else.

Good with Wood

There is just something about wood that makes everyone stops and stares, and this is especially true around the household. Unfortunately, some of the more conventional offerings don’t always hit the mark.

Fortunately, Good with Wood offer an aesthetically-pleasing selection of household and garden items that are created by hand from reclaimed wood.

Good with Wood also offers a bespoke creation service, so if you’re looking for storage, shelving, tables or benches with some unique character, then make sure to stop by.

Hive to Home

Experience the natural benefits of beeswax with a range of products from handmade soaps, wraps and male grooming products.

Gravity Outlaws

A business of passion with an ever-growing range of products.  All of the designs are made in-house and can even be personalised. With products such as mugs, bottles, bags, purses, baby bibs and much more. Make sure you stop by the see what they have and get something special.

Henna Kraft by Sim

The origins of Henna can be traced back to ancient Egypt before the trend spilt over into Eastern Persia and the Indian Subcontinent.

Used to decorate the hands and feet, henna tattoos remain as popular today as they did thousands of years ago

Henna Kraft by Sim is not only able to recreate the inspiring designs of yesteryear, but also offer designs inspired by the modern world.

Festival Wagons UK

Despite the advancements being made in technology, there are those who still pine for the designs of yesteryear.

Even childhood toys are making a comeback, and the classic festival wagon is an example of how designs of the past are still making an impression in the modern age.

Festival Wagons UK can offer the perfect wagon for your children to enjoy the festival in style, but this isn’t there only use.

The wagons on offer come in different colours and design, so they look great around the home, as well as being the ideal gift for someone that loves to reminisce about the past.

Fly and Thimble

Fly and Thimble is a company that offers a range of hand finished ethical clothing that not only offers innovate design but also offers a vast choice of bags, scarves and jewellery by a company that is actively engaged in the social issues that affect the fashion industry.

This ensures that customers can be confident that their clothes and accessories have been designed in safe conditions and that those designing the clothes are being paid a fair wage for their labour.

Janrelly’s Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts are the centrepieces of any event, and the Cheltenham Balloon Fiesta has ensured that there are a series of unique painting and prints on canvasses available for art lovers, courtesy of Janrelly’s Arts and Crafts.

Pretty Things

Regardless of the outfit we wear, there’s always a perfect accompaniment in the form of jewellery, scarves and hair pieces.

Unfortunately, when scouring the high street store, it can be difficult to find something original that stands out from the crowd.

Pretty Things know how important it is to showcase your character with accessories and jewellery and ensures its stock appeals to people of all ages.

BB Collectables

Those searching for rarities for their garden as well as some rare collectables should ensure they check out the BB Collectables stall.

As well as being able to offer an array of collectables, there is also a range of individual garden furniture that’s bound to cheer up any home and give it some unique character.

A Fine Selection of Food and Treats

No event is complete without a treat or two, and Cheltenham Balloon Fiesta is no different. As well as being able to try the latest sweet treats, there will also be a selection of fine food and cheeses to choose from.

Emshira Passion for Cakes

Those who enjoy cake will know it takes real love to create the perfect treat. Fortunately, Emshira Passion for Cakes lives up to its name by offering a tantalising line of treats to perk up even the dullest of taste buds.

Emshira Passion for Cakes is a must for anyone searching for the perfect scone, cake or Christmas log and offers a selection that offers will struggle to surpass.

Dutch Cheeseman Holland

Given how much variety there is in the world of cheese, it should come as no surprise that a good cheese can stand proud with a classic wine or a Cuban cigar.

Those who are fans of cheese won’t need reminding that Holland is the largest cheese exporter in the world, but this doesn’t always mean that the country’s cheeses are readily available.

Dutch Cheeseman Holland will be in attendance to offer a slew of high-quality Dutch cheeses, as well as some other delicacies that include chutneys and toffee waffles.

Emily’s Jams and Pickles

Are you searching for the perfect pickle for your cheese? Or maybe looking for a jam to help brighten you up in the morning?

Emily’s Jams and Pickles offers a wide choice of preserves, marmalade that can turn the dullest cracker into a real taste sensation.

Meet Up with Local Businesses

As well as being the perfect family weekend, the Cheltenham Balloon Fiesta is also the ideal time to meet and catch up with local businesses in the surrounding area.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a professional photographer, or hoping to secure your financial future, be sure to stop by to see what services are on offer.

Utility Warehouse

Save money on your everyday bills by having a chat the utility warehouse. Win 10,000 or a mini competition

Malvern View Care Home

Caring for our loved ones is at the top of everyone’s agenda, so those looking to safeguard their older relatives will want to ensure that the surrounding environment suits their needs, as well as being warm and comfortable.

Malvern View Care Home understands the worries that can arise during such times, which is why it will be attending Cheltenham Balloon Fiesta to offer a more hands-on look at the service it offers, and how popular the care home has become thanks to its caring approach and attention-to-detail.

Blink of an Eye Photography

Despite being able to catch picture on the fly with a mobile phone, there’s nothing more alluring than a photo shoot carried out by a professional.

Some may choose to create the perfect family portrait whereas others may be keen to capture the big day in style.

Those looking for photography perfect should make sure to stop by the Blink of an Eye stall to see some examples of its past work, as well as the opportunity to enter a competition AND receive some discount vouchers to those interested in using their service.

Kuoni Holidays

Just because you’re enjoying the Fiesta doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy another break. Kuoni Holidays is on hand to talk about your next breaks, as well as what it’s Personal Travel Experts can offer when it comes to the perfect holiday.

Don’t worry, there’s no special sales pitch here, it’s simply to let budding travellers know that there is an easier and more cost-affordable option available should they ever need them.

Kirby and Knott Financial Planning Ltd

Although planning a holiday is exciting, preparing for our future can be a worrying and complex scenario to manage alone.

If you’re looking to make the most of your money and secure your financial future, then why not stop by and speak to Kirby and Knott Financial Planning Ltd during the Cheltenham Balloon Festival.

Cowley Manor Hotel and C-Side Spa

Come along for a little pampering, with the Spa team offering exclusive products from the popular Green and Spring product range. There will also be a menu of Mini Treatment offers available. It’s a perfect opportunity to treat yourself!

Human Support Group Ltd

If you have a loved one at home who requires extra care and support then be sure to speak to The Human Support group. Located in Gloucester, they provide Domiciliary care for Gloucestershire and Stroud area.


Like What You See? Become Part of the Cheltenham Balloon Fiesta

The Cheltenham Balloon Fiesta is a celebration-filled weekend that brings together the community in an immersive way. The businesses who currently have plots will be able to converse with the participants and let them know about their business.

If you’re keen to be part of the celebrations, then why not take advantage of one of the available plots? Simply email: cheltenhamballoonfiesta@gmail.com with your business details to secure your placement today.

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